uniquely the same…amazingly different

Macaroons and macarons…are very often lumped into the same category.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  A Macaroon is an American cookie made with a flowerless egg white base.  Most often made with coconut.  Macarons are french cookies made with crushed almonds and egg whites that are sandwiched around a cream based filling.  They come in a rainbow of colors and flavors.   The french macarons are all made using the same recipe, making them all macarons…but the color and filling is what makes them special…it’s what makes them enjoyable.

A blogger is someone who keeps and updates a blog. We are often lumped together in one general category by people who don’t quite get what we do or even why we do it.

I think Bloggers are like macarons…the french version…somehow uniquely the same and amazingly different all at the same time. We are colorful and full of flavors, flavors that come from uniquely different life experiences.

 Behind every blog there is an incredibly unique and special human being. 

 We are Men and Women, Husbands and Wives, Moms and Dads, Brothers and Sisters.  We are Designers, Painters, Photographers, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Gamers, Techies, Gardner’s, Small Business Owners and CEO’s.  We are Athletes, Dancers, Musicians, Chefs, Students, Pastors, Teachers, Writers, Active duty Service Men and Women and we are Retired.  We are like-minded individuals and strangers.   We are from every continent, represent every race and practice every religion. 

We are uniquely the same and amazingly different!

Every post is the reflection of a unique life.

We have the desire to share our life with the world.  We lay our heart and soul out for people to embrace or trample on.  We hope that our words will inspire and encourage.  We are driven to write about everything and nothing. We focus on a specific category or post random thoughts. We have the ability to say something wonderful by sharing a single photograph. We can open someones eyes to a new point of view by sharing our own. We can make people laugh or cry, dance or sing by sharing who we are with those willing to spend a moment getting to know us through our shared writings.

 What drives us to share the stories of our lives?  Is our blog a true reflection of who we are or is it who we want to be? 

Who am I?  I am a child of God, a Christ-follower, a wife and a mother.  I am a daughter, a sister and a friend.  I have a heart for helping people find the one thing in life that will give them their greatest joy.   I love to travel but I love coming home more.  I am a city girl who lives in the country.  I love the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach but I prefer a snow skiing vacation.  My taste is eclectic.  I am a collector of other people’s discarded things.   I have a knack for creating an inviting and welcoming space.    I am a thinker!   I am a dreamer!   

And I Blog! 

 Who are you?  Why do you blog?  Do your friends and family get what you do?  Do they know you blog? 

A special thank you to my sister Heidi for sharing her photos from her recent trip to Paris!  je t’aime petit soeur!

This post was revised from a January 31, 2011 post…uniquely the same



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9 responses to “uniquely the same…amazingly different

  1. Hi like your post…I am simply Piglet. Discovered blogging and after WordPress started the challenge became hooked.
    I share things that make me laugh, cry or even mad! I often make posts about particular aspects of life in Portugal that those wishing to move, or holiday here may find of interest and others may too.
    Best of all I love reaching out to other bloggers

    • jeanne

      PiP, it is very nice to meet you! I am looking forward to experiencing Portugal through your eyes and heart and your blog.

  2. Hi Jeanne,
    Who am I?
    Well, I can’t eat those pretty sweets you emblazoned on the page. They would drive my sugar out of sight. So, I have to pass.

    I’ve blogged since August 2008, taking a break twice; once after the presidential election, because I was burned out with the whole thing. Then the big “C” knocked on my door and I had to take care of all that stuff; but, the “doc” says, “you’ll probably die of something else!”

    So, it seems daily is too much, and weekly is seemingly too little. That’s in between, the story of my life.

    Ciao for now, while I am figuring out a niche.
    Take care, Charlie

    PS: the beach shots are comforting! But, it’s freezing around my house now!

    • jeanne

      Hi Charlie,
      Thanks for stopping by the blog…I shouldn’t eat those lovely sweets either. However, they are nice to look at aren’t they? The post a day challenge was too much commitment for me and the post a day isn’t enough. So I am tweener…3-4 posts a week. Have you gotten your wordpress blog up and going?


  3. This is so delightful! Nicely done and how observant of your sister to take such detailed photographs while she was in Paris.
    I blog because it engages me with others more deeply. I’d say my tastes are eclectic, too. Just look at my categories. I do try to stay within them though, so I’m not all over the place. And, by doing so, I discover who I am, what is important to me and I hope my family reads. So glad we crossed paths because I love reading what you post from your point of view. I’ll say it again. You have a very nice home site here, city girl who lives in the country.

    • Georgette, I am growing as a blogger and a writer…todays post was a re-write from a post last January. I enjoy writing almost as much as like meeting new people in the blogging community. Thanks for sharing your life through your blog! Be Blessed….

  4. I blog because it’s a great way to get myself to write something, otherwise my days might just slip by without anything creatively written. An added bonus is the people I’ve ‘met’ along the way. My family doesn’t know about the blog, and my husband doesn’t understand it (he’s never read it.)

  5. I actually intended for the blog to be a guide to moving or living in London as I used to give advice out on Yahoo Answers and thought I’d share my mistakes and experience, but that didn’t last long and went off on a completely different tangent.

    I found a website for my borough of London who I will soon be writing the London advice thing again for, leaving me free continue to fill my blog with the rest of the stuff in my head.

    Just hit 100 posts so will write something about the experience and get it all into perspective, I’ve loved it purely for the fact that no one I know knew I was blogging, and not knowing what to expect from it myself, it has been amazing to read so many great writers and interact with people across the world. A few friends know about it now and like it, but others don’t get the point (they are the Twitter and Facebook addicts – if it can’t be read in 10 seconds they lose interest!)

    The macarons look great, off to Paris in June hopefully so will indulge.

  6. My mouth is watering! Beautiful pictures of something I don’t think I’ve ever tasted 🙂

    I blog because I must … I love to write and to consider my observations on my way through life — the odd, the mundane, the heartfelt and the silly. Like you, many close to me don’t even know about my blog; I’ve shared more with my blogging friends than I have with them. And, hubbs is aware but never read it – having said that, he’s proud of me, too.

    I love the community; that was the unexpected gooey center of my blogging Macaron! 😉 MJ

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