Each Child gets a Box….

My friend Charlene and her husband are on a mission trip in India. They visited a children’s home. This was her post on Facebook today…it started me thinking.

Each child gets a box to hold all that they own.  If you were reduced to one box, what would you put in it?”

Life in a Box…
Can you begin to imagine what it would feel like if someone handed you a box…or even a small suitcase and said “Fill it up.” “Choose carefully.” “It’s all you can take with you.”…
My first attempt to mentally fill a box was inspired by what I know, what I have experienced.  I have lived on the Gulf Coast of the United States my entire life.  Hurricane season comes every year without fail, June 1st through November 30th.  I have packed up my “important” things, loaded them into my car and headed for higher ground to wait out the storm.  This past year our area was faced with the threat of wildfires.  Again, “important” items were packed, a just in case plan was made and we waited. 
My list of items took on the look and feel of an emergency preparedness list.  My list included clothes, shelf stable food, meds and personal hygiene products as well as water and of course personal protection.  Oh wait is there room for my camera and my laptop…maybe I should pack a flashlight and a first aid kit…and the list continued…
Then I attempted to look at my box from a different point of view…I don’t have these things to begin with.  I am a child.  I have been separated from my family or even worse.  All I have are a few clothing items and maybe a family photo.  If I am lucky I might have access to a little bit of food.  Instead of my box over flowing with a carefully well thought out survivalist list of supplies.  My one box is mostly empty and it’s everything I own. 
If you were reduced to one box, what would you put in it?”
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13 responses to “Each Child gets a Box….

  1. What a beautiful and thought-provoking post! I shall be thinking about this one for a while! I am so glad you shared this with us!

  2. Great post to ponder, Jeanne.

    We already have so MUCH . . . and still we want MORE.

    In my emergency evacuation kit, I have bottled water, peanut butter, crackers, towels, facecloths, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper, jackets, important papers, etc..

    If I was limited to one box I would take the TP out . . . reluctantly. 😉

  3. Is the photo one that your friend took at the children’s home?
    What a gut wrenching photo and thing to think about. Not about what I would put in my box so much, as what these poor children have (or don’t have). I think about my 9 year old grandson and his abundance of toys and clothes. I am going to pose this question to him the next time I see him.

    • Yes, she took the photo at one of the childrens homes. These particular children live at the home, have a roof over their head, a meal or two a day and someone looking after them. They have hope!

  4. This has really got me thinking … fantastic post!

  5. Good question. I’d like to take our pets, but they don’t exactly fit in a box 🙂

    I could probably fill a car with the things that are important to me, but most of these things are ‘wants’ that I have grown accustomed to – not ‘needs’. If it came down to it, there’s so much I could shed and live without. Kind of makes me wonder why I have so much in the first place.

    P.S. Nancy is stronger than I am…I don’t think I could ditch the TP 🙂

  6. Instead of my box over flowing with a carefully well thought out survivalist list of supplies. My one box is mostly empty and it’s everything I own. A very strong post, Jeanne, wow.

    I don’t know. The only thing that come to surface is the strong feeling I would take my sons with me, keep them safe. Nothing else matters as much as my kids.

    But if I would be able to pack something personal, apart from the basic need like medicine, I would take photos of family and friends. To trigger memories.

  7. Very thought-provoking. How many things do we imbue with needless worth – what are the things that are truly worthy? Thanks for providing perspective on this Tuesday!

  8. Heart warming, moving, beautiful…. My life in a box, perhaps I’ll take old photos that gave me wonderful memories, documents, memory stick of pictures that I may never retrieve once lost…. The rest, God will provide….. Have a wonderful weekend my friend…

  9. Great post… great food for thought. I have to think on this one. 😉

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