Suncreek Garden Chronicles…garden fail, who knew?

Suncreek Garden Chronicles…garden fail!  I think this may be what brussels sprouts look like when grown under the wrong conditions…  Out of 6 plants this is the only one with significant sprout growth but… these sprouts have just stopped growing! 

I am not sure we have truly failed at growing brussels sprouts.  I have done a bit of research in the past few days and it seems that we just lack knowledge.  Our winter temperatures have been on the warm side, but it would seem not too warm for the brussels.  It also seems that the plants may be just waiting on us to take the next step.  I have read that we should begin harvesting the lower leaves and sprouts of the plant to stimulate continued growth of the remaining sprouts.  Who knew?

Well someone knew and now I think I know…how to over come our possible garden fail. 

Suncreek Garden Chronicles...Fail

Of all of the winter veggies we planted I was most excited by the possibility of growing our own brussels sprouts. Which in itself blows my mind. You see before last year I was not a fan of cabbage or brussels sprouts. Of course my professed dislike for these veggies had no real basis to it. As I child I had associated a bout of stomach flu with eating cabbage at my aunt’s house. So for years and I do mean years I refused to eat, actually I refused to even try a dish that contained cabbage or brussels sprouts.

My husband really enjoys eating cabbage. Also, there is a lady that I work with who goes to an incredible amount of work making cabbage rolls. We are talking over 100 individual rolls. She is so sweet and makes this dish out of love and there is just no way to refuse to eat this dish when she makes it for you. So between the two of them they have worn me down. I finally had to give in and give this incredibly humble veg another try. Guess what? I like it! I do. Now I am not going to go out of my way to make fried or stewed cabbage or even cabbage rolls. But I will eat a serving if it’s offered to me.

On the other hand I have fallen in love with brussels sprouts. I can not explain it. I don’t think I want to try. But I really like these little bite size morsels.  I find myself adding them to my grocery cart whenever they are available. Who knew?!

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you plan…we planted a winter garden and then winter failed to show up.  We built a temporary greenhouse so we could start the seedlings for the spring garden…our placement of the greenhouse may have stifled the growth of a couple of our cold weather loving plants.  Whatever the outcome of this first attempt at growing a winter garden will give us knowledge and experience as we make our plans for next seasons attempt at growing a home garden. 



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9 responses to “Suncreek Garden Chronicles…garden fail, who knew?

  1. Reminds me of Green Eggs and Ham. Try it Sam I Am….sorry, too much kiddie reading, I think 🙂

    I hope the harvesting trick spurs growth. I had no idea about any of it either!

  2. I don’t jump up and down at Brussels Sprouts but I bet I would like them fresh out of the garden. 😉

    My favorite way to use cabbage is to put shredded cabbage into veggie soup OR to make colcannon (sauteed onions and cabbage mixed with mashed potatoes).

    Good Luck!

  3. What a nice picture of the Brussels Sprouts. Their Dutch and Belgian name is Spruitjes hehehe. I didn’t even know they grow like this!

    You can cook them – not too long though, they need ‘a bite’- and then add bacon and nutmeg. I’m no big fan of them either, but this way they are edible 😉

    You can also make Spruitjesstamp, hotchpotch with sprouts. In that case you have to cook them a bit longer.

    Enjoy dinner! And good luck on the spring garden 🙂

  4. It’s all research…not failure. Looks like you’ve got a handle on it now.

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