the hook up…

In the last two weeks we have had one hook up after another….

the hook up...

A couple of weeks ago my husband incurred an injury.  On the way to the Hospital emergency room he decided to visit the ER Clinic where his Niece is the Physicians Assistant.  This little hook up saved hours of waiting around the Hospital emergency room.  PA Niece and her staff took good care of the hubs.  She also hooked him up with a  referral to an Orthopedic Surgeon.  The Ortho Surgeons office hooked him up with an MRI…WOW those things are expensive.  The Imaging Clinic hooked him up to the space pod for an hour-long ride filled with repetetive clicks, pops, humming and white noise…then another visit to the Doctor to discuss the findings of the MRI.  The Doctors diagnosis…Completely torn bicipital tendon and the torn tendon is retracted from radial tuberosity ….basically my husband’s arm is messed up.  

Now the big hook up…surgery was scheduled.  We arrived at the Hospital at our scheduled time slot and we were hooked up to one of those buzzers you get when you go to a really popular restaurant and have an extended wait.  It wasn’t long before my husband was escorted back for his next hook up…an especially nice disposable gown and matching shower cap as well as a plethora of monitoring devices.

He was hooked up to a heart monitor, blood pressure monitor as well as an antibiotic IV drip.  During our extended wait the Hospital Staff was very attentive and informative.  The next hook up came when it was getting closer to ” go time”.  He was given two medications through the IV drip; one of which was to help him relax. 

It was now time for me to take my little buzzer back to the waiting room…3 hours later…I was the last person left in the waiting room.  The Doctor came out from surgery and gave me the hook up on how things had gone down in the operating room.  Basically a big thumbs up!!! 

About an hour later I was escorted to the PACU.  The Hubs was still hooked up to the monitors and IV drip.  The PACU nurse and I waited for Hubs to wake up from the meds that were administered before and during surgery.  The nurse was very informative.  She was explaining to me that my guy was doing great!  He was still sleeping but that was a good thing.  As the Hubs began to flutter his eyes, the nurse began to access his pain level.  She administered pain meds through the IV drip in an attempt to give him immediate relief.

Another 40 minutes later, the Hubs is awake, un-hooked from the monitors and IV, dressed and wheeled out to the truck.  The hook up for pain meds was phoned into the pharmacy.  We were on our way home!

By the way…Hubs is doing great!  His surgery was Wednesday…he took Thursday off from work…this morning I helped him get dressed and by 6:15am he was out the door and on his way.  He will have minimal use of his left arm for the next two weeks.  After that we are expecting a slow but gradual rehab of his bicep that could take up to 3 months.

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  1. Glad that it was such a good outcome. I’m sure you’re relieved.

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