Spring Is In The Air…or not

Spring is in the air…well at least it was a couple of days ago…now old man winter is back…but only for a day or two…then summer will be here.  If you don’t like the weather in Texas…just give it a day…you will!


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14 responses to “Spring Is In The Air…or not

  1. Well said my friend. Beautiful picture. I love the Texas weather. Sunny day, cool weather… Just perfect. It may have it’s mood swings but bounce back quickly giving us an awesome weather. Rodeo’s back. Have you brought out your cowboy boots yet? I’m thinking of getting one. Have a wonderful day my friend.

    • Yes, the weather may be moody but it’s never boring. As for those boots…mine stay by the back door. I put them on almost every day when I go out to the garden. Go Rodeo!!!

  2. Lovely photo. You make us itch for spring.

  3. Perhaps Old Man Winter forgot something… he will soon leave again! Colorful photo.

    • I rather enjoy the winter weather, so this year I feel a little cheated. Oh well, next year we will probably have a snow storm. Best to be happy with the cards we’re dealt, things can always be worse.

  4. The photo is awesome. It looks like a painting. Love it.

  5. Mother Nature is so fickle this winter. Those colors are eye-popping and make me long to be in my garden.

  6. Are those really tulips blooming? Yikes. I fear the summer. We are also having a really high allergy season.

  7. A bit early for us but coming fast anyway… A mild winter has changed the game.

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