Celebrating Life…A Girl and her Bulldog!

Today my Dad is celebrating his 71st Birthday. His nickname is Bulldog…not exactly sure how that came about, but it suits him perfectly. 

When I was growing up my Dad got great enjoyment from scaring the neighborhood boys when they came by the house.  He would open the door really fast…and in a loud deep gruff voice, just shy of shouting, say… “WHAT DO YOU WANT?!”…  Back then I didn’t think it was very funny, actually it embarrassed me.  But now I get it… 

I am the oldest of four girls and this was his way of letting the boys know that he was looking out for his girls.  I love that about my Dad. 

My Dad knows what makes life worth living…Family!

Happy Birthday Bulldog!


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21 responses to “Celebrating Life…A Girl and her Bulldog!

  1. Happy Birthday to Bulldog 🙂

    What a beautiful photo; I just love your smile

  2. That is a gorgeous photo, nice to see what you look like!
    Happy Birthday Bulldog – and may you have many more!

  3. Happy birthday, Jeanne’s Dad! 🙂

    ‘WHAT DO YOU WANT?!’ for your birthday?

  4. Wonderful photo! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Happy Birthday, Bulldog! Lovely photo of the two of you. 😀

  6. Great pic Jeanne and happy birthday to the Bulldog!

  7. You are lucky, as am I, to have such a wonderful Dad. Wow–look at your beautiful smile!

  8. Father does know best when it comes to such things. Happy Birthday to him.

  9. Love the picture of you and your dad! I chuckled at the story of your Dad and your suitors. Luckily, my Dad wasn’t like that (but if a guy didn’t treat me right, they’d better watch out!)

    I heard stories of my Grandpa when my Mom was dating. When her date would arrive, Grandpa would be sitting in his chair reading the newspaper. When the poor guy would sit down, my Grandpa would peek around the paper at him and not say a word…then he would snap the paper back up in front of his face. It was said to be very intimidating, though no words were spoken 🙂

  10. Hope your Dad had a wonderful birthday…..so, did you make him a ham sandwich?

  11. Happy Birthday to your dad. Such a loving man that only seeks to give his family the best. He reminds me of my dad, almost the same age. He had to protect too my five sisters and he did a great job. Congratulations to all our dads. God bless and take care…

  12. Happy Birthday to your Dad! YOU both look happy! 🙂

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