Suncreek Garden Chronicles… Under Renovation

Garden Under Renovation…

Suncreek Garden Chronicles...Garden Renovation

 Our fall garden was an overall success.  Our lettuce and sugar snap pea crop was prolific.  Our limited success with the broccoli and cauliflower can be attributed to our warm winter weather.  We are slowly but surely harvesting and enjoying the carrots. However, the brussels sprouts and red cabbage have kept us waiting…and waiting…and waiting. 

Now it’s time to turn the garden over to the spring and summer crops. The seeds were started in early January and are now about 50 days along and are well on their way…The lettuce is ready for the dinner table and we are looking forward to enjoying an early spring crop of sugar snap peas.

We should see cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers and jalapeno by the end of April.  I am especially excited about the tomatoes.  We have 5 heirloom varieties; Purple Prudence, Black Krim, Abe Lincoln, Mortgage Lifter and Box Car Willie. Some of the seed varieties have been around since the 1920’s.   Their flavor profiles run from sweet to acidic. These varieties range in color from red to deep purple and some of them can weigh up to 1 pound.  Now that’s going to be an awesome tomato!

We are considering planting a few grape vines along the north fence and a row of sunflowers along the West fence.  All in all…Suncreek Garden is under renovation!


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12 responses to “Suncreek Garden Chronicles… Under Renovation

  1. That sounds like a delicious renovation! Wow, you guys are talented gardners.

  2. 6 varieties of tomato? Awesome!

  3. I couldn’t imagine a 1-pound tomato. That’s huge! Your garden makes our past gardening efforts look pretty weak 🙂

  4. Looks gorgeous, Jeanne. Best of luck this year. Growing your own food is so good for you and for the planet.

    • Nancy, growing our own veggies have so many benefits. We know our veggies our chemical free, the shelf life is longer, the flavor profile is richer and we share our harvest with family and friends!

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  6. Congrats on your success… it all looks good. 🙂

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