A Walkabout…my yard!

Come with me on a walkabout…my yard!  There is a curved walkway just out the kitchen door that leads down the side of the house.   The walkway is lined with bullnose rocks, greenery and a bit of color.  I have a vision of what this walkway will look like in 5 years…this if just the beginning. 

There are sub-tropical Philodendron…

A Walkabout...my yard!

and fragrant rosemary bushes snuggled against the salmon colored petite azalea.

There are bright red sweetly scented knockout roses…

and asparagus fern spilling over the rock wall that has been home to the occasional armadillo and a few spiders…

There is a lovely combination of variegated Pittosporum and Wandering Jew…

and at the end of walkway…my favorite…The Texas Red Bud! (This picture makes me think of Monet)

I hope you enjoyed the walkabout…my yard…I certainly did!


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17 responses to “A Walkabout…my yard!

  1. Just beautiful photos. Thanks for taking us on the walkabout.

  2. I love redbuds too! Did you know you can eat the flowers? Pick some and sprinkle them atop a green salad – yum! 🙂

    So glad I tuned in for this today! 🙂

    • I have eaten edible flowers and rather enjoy the added color they bring to a dish…years ago there was a little cafe that added the edible flowers to their biscuits. These little treats were pretty to look at bite after bite…yummy!

  3. I LOVE the bottom photo. Gorgeous, Jeanne.

    @Carla . . . don’t you think they are too pretty to eat? 😉

  4. Gorgeous photos, Jeanne! And it gives me the inspiration to do such a “walking tour” around our house and garden. Thanks for the inspiration.

    We are a bit behind you here, still – although we are definitely getting signs of spring. i’m still holding my breath that winter doesn’t decide this March to slam down on all the new growth and ruin it for the year! We shall see, but I am keeping my earnest hopes and prayers going that all the beauty we have planted and tended lately will get a chance to show itself off!

  5. I enjoyed the walkabout in your yard Jeanne! How about some more?

  6. You have a beautiful yard! I like all the colors – especially the azalea.

  7. TY for the walk… love it! 🙂

  8. Beautiful. The redbud is my favorite. 🙂

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