A-Z Archive: K! Challenge…The Letter “K”

This week’s topic for our “A-Z Archive” photo challenge: the “K” archive: introduce one photo of your archive with a “K” Keyword. – I’m sure you’ll find a picture: tag with “A-Z Archive” and put a link on your page to FrizzText, so we’ll get a trackback-list including your post!

This past December some friends and I decided to attend the Houston Heights Home Tour.  Most of the homeowners did not allow photographs to be taken of their homes.  The owner of this particular home not only allowed photographs to be taken…she encouraged it!  This home is sensory overload from the front door to the back yard.  My A-Z Archive entry for the letter “K” was taken while we were waiting in line to tour the home.  Some of you may recognize the “RED LETTER K”  from one of America’s discount retailers.  For those of you not familiar…it is the K from a K-Mart sign.  However, as Martin pointed out to me in this particular case the K is symbolic for King…Christ the King!

A-Z Archive: K! Challenge


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14 responses to “A-Z Archive: K! Challenge…The Letter “K”

  1. How cute. It’s a good collection.

  2. And K for King… as in Christ the King 🙂 Good idea for the challenge!

  3. thank you for your illuminated king!

  4. Great idea for the challenge. Funny how things just work out perfectly.

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  11. That is so kool! 🙂

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