Shabby Chic Junktiques

1 girl + 2 cups of coffee + city-wide yard sale = shabby chic junktiques!

shabby chic junktiques

On this particular excursion I did not score a truck load of treasures…but it is not always about the quantity.  Today I was looking for a bit of texture and filler for the booth. 

Today I picked up three vintage door knockers, a paper towel holder, a wire basket, a vintage pestle, a hanging votive holder, a metal stool and a couple of metal buckets. 

The items I picked have great potential for repurposing.  The door knockers would make beautiful pulls for an oversized antique cabinet.  The paper towel holder would make a sweet jewelry holder.  The metal buckets will look great filled with spring flowers or assorted soda bottles. The wire basket would look great filled with jars of homemade preserves. 

Do you enjoy finding new uses for old things? 


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8 responses to “Shabby Chic Junktiques

  1. I so love these kinds of things! I sure wish I lived near where you live…I’d be your #1 customer!

  2. Looks like fabulous finds!

  3. I like your math problem that opened the post. I’m actually not one to seek out antiques, but I do enjoy seeing what you do with them here 🙂

  4. Great texture, Jeanne. Glad you enjoyed your “search and rescue” mission.

  5. I adore your “finds” there, Jeanne. Every Saturday morning I do my rounds at the thrift stores!

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