Weekly Photo Challenge…Unusual

This week the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge prompt is…Unusual.

Not only do I find the subject of this picture unusual,  it really creeped me out.  There was a MOUSE  house under the back seat of my car…To think that I may have been driving Micky or Minnie or even Remy or Jerry around in my SUV…well let’s just say that would be extraordinary, odd, peculiar, rare, strange, unaccustomed, uncommon, uncustomary, unique, wierd….and down right UNUSUAL for me. 


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17 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge…Unusual

  1. That would creep me out too! It is a beautiful nest!

  2. Good the mouse didn’t come out and surprise you while you were driving!

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  5. I’d have a hard time driving it, unless it was to the nearest Car Max to sell it. Just knowing a mouse was in there….ewww!

    Reluctantly, I have to admit that the house home does look kinda cool!

  6. EEK! Hubbs was taking empty cans back (they’d been stored in the garage) and he was driving to the store when a small brown field mouse sat up on the console between his 2 front seats – he nearly hit a house! Point being … Country mice will hop along darn near anywhere — he wasn’t living in Hubbs’ car, he’d been hanging out in the can box .. AUGH!

    but his house is kinda impressive 🙂 MJ

  7. without question, yours is the BEST entry I’ve seen for this week’s challenge!!!! HIGHLY unusual!!!!!!

  8. Better a mouse house than a snake!

    Maybe you should write an ode to the poor wee beastie:

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  10. Ew, ew, ew! I would be totally creeped out too knowing it was crawling around my feet! . . . the house is quite cute though . . .

    • The cute mouse house is the only reason that car isn’t sitting on a local car lot…I have finally driven it and I “feel” things tickling my ankles. ;p)

  11. Creepy indeed. That would freak me out too. Have a great day.

  12. Did you ever find it? 😆

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