A Kiss…A Hug…A Gift


A Kiss of sprinkling rain

On the Leaves of the Trees

Is a Whisper to my Soul…

I am here


The enveloping Hug

Of an Unexpected breeze is

comfort to my Soul…

You are not alone


My soul welcomes

The Kiss and the Hug…

A Gift

The Earth drinks in

the long-awaited Rain…

A Kiss and a Hug



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26 responses to “A Kiss…A Hug…A Gift

  1. Beautiful photos and words. I really like that first photo!

  2. This is beautiful. Thanks for entering it in the contest!

  3. That was very refreshing. You captured everything so well with your camera and your words.

  4. Nature nurtures . . . if we nurture nature. Thanks, Jeanne.

  5. Great pictures! I liked your poem, too. It was so warm and full of hope.

  6. Jeanne, this is so beautiful; with the pictures creating vivid imagery. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Jeanne, this is so beautiful, with the pictures creating vivid imagery

  8. Jeanne, you have such a beautiful blog. One never knows what you may be thinking…but it’s always beautiful, inspiring and so worth my while reading. Thank you.

  9. They are unique plants. Thanks for sharing.

  10. The photos and the words are awesome. 🙂

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