Another WordPress Challenge…2012’s Blogging from: A to Z April ChallengeThe American Alligator is the largest reptile in North America. Louisiana has the largest alligator population, approaching 2 million.  Alligators can be found living in lakes, ponds, canals, rivers, swamps and bayous.  Most of Louisiana’s alligator population is found in coastal marshes.  These cold-blooded creatures are often seen basking in the sun warming their bodies before returning to the water to hunt their prey.  They will hunt anytime but particularly at night where they are better adapted. 

On a personal note…Alligators scare the hell out of me.  This guy was no exception!  This picture was taken in October 2011 while on a swamp tour during a family reunion. 


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8 responses to “Alligators…

  1. Alligators scare me, too! I’ve never seen one in person and I’m okay with that 🙂

  2. I hate them too! We have crocodiles here in Oz (but thankfully, only up in the north of Queensland) – and they can stay there!

  3. I got a few photos of them thar critters at Cypress Gardens in South Carolina in September of 2011 – they are certainly fearsome and fearless! Some of my photos are of a baby, and others of a female, who followed our small boat for a while, before wandering off.

    This challenge should be interesting and fun. I have not prepared any of my posts in advance. Decided to fly by the seat of my pants – as usual! Are you going to do all animals? Or is “alligator” just the first A to come to mind? 😆 Looking forward to reading more of your posts – as always!

  4. I love watching alligators . . . from a safe distance.

  5. I respect alligators but don’t like them living in my neighborhood lake.

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