Cake in a Cup…

A cake in a cup…who figured this one out?  No more guilt from eating your way through an entire cake in a weekend.  Now you can have a piece of cake anytime…now that I think about it, this could be a bad thing.  A really bad thing.  a piece of cake only a minute away.

3-2-1 Cake. 

This is a recipe for a single serving of cake baked in a coffee cup


1 box of Angel Food Cake Mix
1 box of Cake Mix (any flavor)
1 gallon size Ziploc storage bag
1 small microwave safe dish or coffee cup
3 tablespoons of cake mix
2 tablespoons of water

Add the two boxes of cake mix together in a Ziploc storage bag.  Mix well.  Add 3 tablespoons of cake mix and 2 tablespoons of water to a microwave safe container.  Place container in the microwave for 1 minute. 

Remove the cake from the cup…top with a dollop of whipped cream and a fresh strawberry or eat it plain.  I rather like plain cake. 

I changed the original recipe…I doubled the recipe and cooked the mixture in the microwave for 1 minute 15 seconds. 


Cake in a Cup for One!

If this little post peaked your interest check out all of the cake in a cup recipes on Pinterest…one of two things will happen.  Happiness or Regret!

This post is part of the Blogging Challenge: A to Z April Challenge. One post every day for the month of April, except for Sundays.  April 1st was the letter A…etc. 


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27 responses to “Cake in a Cup…

  1. Ooooh! So cool. Thanks for posting. I’ll definitely need to check it out.

  2. OMG, this is fabulous!!!! My kids and grandson are going to think I’m pretty darn great when I spring this one on them. Thank you!!

    • I made a lemon cake mix for Easter…It was very tasty. Not as dense as a regular cake. I used a 1 cup size glass bowl. I also placed a paper plate under the bowl to catch the over spill.

  3. Oh sure, they had to make cake even easier and more accessible! It looks tasty, which is why I will not check the recipe out 🙂

  4. How cool! And simple. What a great recipe to share. Thank you! I will definitely be making this and sending many more your way to make it as well. 🙂

    Alana @
    Found you through A to Z!

  5. Brilliant! Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. I have filed this recipe away . . . where I will NEVER find it. 😉

    Thanks, Jeanne.

  7. I like that recipe, Jeanne! It will be fun to do with my granddaughter! But I have a question: You said you doubled the recipe – do you mean you doubled it for the individual cap-cake, or you doubled the whole thing? If it was the individual serving you doubled, why? Is the original too small, or what? Did you grease the cup before putting the mix in? (Any clue a to calorie count per serving?)

    Aren’t I a bundle of questions?

    BTW – so far, so good for me on the challenge. . .you are doing great! (I’m taking notes. . .!)

    • Paula, I doubled the individual recipe. When I followed the original recipe the cake was too small. I did spray the cup with Pam but I am not sure I needed it. Someone asked me about the calorie count today…we determined it would be around 150 calories. As for the challenge, I hope to get done before midnight but I have been so busy with work…getting ready for the big Easter weekend at church. We are having 7 services and I have to organize about 300 volunteers. Pray for me!

      • Prayers on the way! This will be our third straight year for our church to hold one HUGE service, (at a different location to hold all of us) for Easter. It’s great, because this once a year, all of our members (four services worth) get to gather together and worship at once – adults and children and visitors! We have well over 2,000 and it’s fantastic and joyous! It was a great idea for our congregation and has been very well received! Of course with seven services, you probably have a larger membership, so there might not be a venue large enough for you all. We have three services on Sunday mornings, and one on Sunday night.

        Thanks for the cake info. I’m filing this one away. And I’m taking it with me to the OBX in a couple of weeks when we go out to visit Zoë (and her parents, too, I guess)! YAY!

        Have a terrific Easter – but i’ll be checking in here again before then. . .

      • One more question, Jeanne: When you doubled the recipe, is that double the one you gave us, or is that already doubled? Sorry to be so tiresome! Happy Easter!

      • I doubled the recipe I gave you. NO worries! Enjoy!!

  8. I LOVE it! Must print this out. They’d make cute little servings for company! Thank you or . . .not!!

  9. We love cake at our house. This would be so fun and easy.

    I will have to try this and check out pinterest after my baby is born so I can go crazy with cake!

  10. I love your cake in a cup. Will have to try it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you will visit again.


  11. I have a receipe for a chocolate cake in a cup and I have never tried it
    But yours look so good

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