Music Moves Me: Free…and It’s My Free Friday!

Friday is my only day off…it’s my Free day!  I am free to do what ever moves me…


Someday’s I stay home, enjoying the quietness of my surroundings…other days I am all over the place.  I go….and do… as much as I can…only to collapse at the end of my one and only Free day of the week…Friday!

I am always looking for interesting things to do on my only day off…and now that Spring is here I am ready to get outside and breathe all of the free air.  I am compiling my list of Friday outings; the urban market, the zoo, the beach, a winery tour, the arboretum and a ferry ride across the bay.

What sort of things do you do on your free day?

Things people say: It’s Friday!

Things self-employed people say: It’s Friday?


This post is part of the Blogging Challenge: A to Z April Challenge…this is the letter “F”!


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3 responses to “Music Moves Me: Free…and It’s My Free Friday!

  1. having a free day is the ultimate in luxury isn’t it?

    We’re having family over for an Easter gathering tomorrow. I’m off today to prep & do my errands. But I also have Monday off – that’s my free day — and I’m going to see Titanic 3D by myself = glorious!

    Enjoy your day 😉


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