A-Z Photo Archive Challenge: “O” is for Owl…

This week’s topic for our A-Z ARCHIVE Tuesday’s photo challenge: the letter “O”: introduce one photo of your own archive with a “O” keyword. I’m sure you’ll find a picture in your own shoe boxes to scan – tag with “A-Z Archive” and put a link on your page to my site, so we’ll get a trackback-list including your post!

We have owls…when we first purchased our property in the country we would “visit” from time to time.  The Hubs would spend the day working the land…first there was the arduous task of collecting all of the fallen tree limbs, then there was the very itchy scratchy job of trying to remove the poison ivy that was growing around the trees.  Finally there was the task of cutting the grass. 

The Hubs would work most of the day on Sunday.  After I would finish up at church, I would swing by one of the local restaurants and pick up lunch and head out to the property for a late afternoon picnic. 

On one of my very first Sunday afternoon visits I was greeted by a menagerie of woodland creatures; there were Deer, Rabbits, Piglets and Owls. The deer, piglets and rabbits did not hang around for long…but the Owls seemed most curious.  There were two, rather impressive Owls…quite possibly a pair.  That was several years ago…we have now lived on the property for 2 years and last year we had our first pair of owelets…so incredibly cute and curious and totally unconcerned with our comings and goings.

No matter the time of year we can always hear the owls hooting back and forth.  In early spring the hooting is much louder and more frequent.  It almost sounds as though there is an owl in every tree.  We are anxiously anticipating the arrival of this years owlets.  The screeching of the baby’s should begin any day.  By early June they should be visiting our oaks and watching us as much as we are watching them.

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18 responses to “A-Z Photo Archive Challenge: “O” is for Owl…

  1. I love the owl picture. That’s definitely something I rarely see around here where I live.

    For some reason, your description of the menagerie of woodland animals reminded me of the Disney movie, Snow White. I like that!

  2. “The deer, piglets and rabbits did not hang around for long…but the Owls seemed most curious…. watching us as much as we are watching them…” – I’m amused by this very good character analyzing!

  3. Your country home sounds perfect! I don’t know if they ahve owls in Portugal, but we did in the UK. They are amazing birds

  4. what a beautiful shot! At first glance, I thought it was a finely detailed painting. well done!

    • Thank you! It is a great shot…one of many that particular day. Right place, right time, right light…perfect! And a very cooperative subject.

  5. I like your owl photo! I saw one a couple of weeks ago preying on some critters, but couldn’t get a close enough or clear enough shot.

  6. Wonderful to be out there where you are. Beautiful shot of the owl.

    • It is beautiful here…surrounded by trees and wildlife. I keep the camera at the ready, you never know when you might need to snap a shot or two. Thanks for the follow!

  7. thirdhandart

    What a beautiful photo! Great capture!

  8. how wonderful to live with owls around you … we have some visiting but rarely seen …they live in much thicker bushland or taller trees!

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  10. We’ve been watching a nest of baby owls in our neighborhood. They’re about to fledge. I took photos but none nearly as stunning as yours.

  11. Wow, this is an awesome photograph. Your owl is perfectly framed with the trees. I love this. Definitely good timing. I try to keep my cam handy. You never know when that perfect shot is gonna happen. I also enjoy living in the country. I haven’t gotten any owl shots as they are great at hiding around here, but we hear them talking at night outside our window. I never want to live in the city again. 😉 Oh, and thanks for the pingback/trackback, or whatever it’s called. You just copy that person’s page link and that’s a pingback/trackback, right? I’m still a bit technologically challenged, but I’m learning… You are a great storyteller, as well.

    • The baby owls were not bothered by us at all…well at least while they were in the trees. Thanks for the follow and your kind words…and you are correct about the pingback/trackback thingy…there are a couple of ways to do that but that is the easiest.
      enJOY today!

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