The weather has been absolutely beautiful.  The air has been clear and cool.  The sky has been a sea of endless blue.  It has been the perfect weather for relaxing in a hammock.  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend this past Sun…day afternoon!  How did you spend your Sun…day?


This post is part of two weekly challenges…The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge…Sun as well as the Blogging Challenge: A to Z April Challenge.


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10 responses to “Sunday!!!

  1. What an inviting image. To lie in a hammock, read a book, snuggle with a cotton quilt on a fluffy pillow…..perfection. Oh yes, I almost forgot the rays of sun.

  2. Oh, that hammock looks wonderful. I’d love to lounge in that!

    I spent most of Sunday inside, except for a trip to Costco, because it was hot! (We broke a record for the day with a temperature of 105 degrees.)

  3. That looks so inviting!

    I spent my Sunday relaxing, doing what I wanted to do (I had been a warrior Saturday). I enjoyed the sunshine and my books 🙂

    such a relaxing photo!! MJ

  4. It’s best to sleep at such place. 🙂

  5. I totally just snagged that pic for my fledgling pinterest boards – so beautiful – makes me smile and relax just looking at it! 🙂

  6. A perfect, relaxing , happy Sunday. I felt the sunshine through your post. Thank you. have a lovely day!

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