Need Balance? Unsubscribe!

Unsubscribe…really…I can do that? 

WOW!  My inbox is overflowing!!  Over the past 2 years I have subscribed to so many different web pages and blogs.  All of them have at one time or another served a very important purpose in my life.  They have provided much-needed information, allowed me to experience places I have never seen and probably never will.  I have been encouraged, motivated and inspired.  I have laughed out loud and I have been moved to tears. 

When the Hubs and I first started talking about building our new home in the country I began subscribing to websites that offered a wide variety of house plans.  Once we chose our house plan I began subscribing to web sites that would help us with the building process; brick, interior design, light fixture and flooring companies…you get the idea.  At little further into the process I began to subscribe to furniture and landscaping web sites.  A little further into the process…well, you get the picture. My personal email inbox is overflowing with notifications and updates that are no longer relevant to what is going on in my life.

The same holds true for my work email inbox…overflowing with website notifications and updates that no longer apply or I have lost interest in reading…so I do what most people do I check the box and hit the delete button…instead of doing the thing that makes more sense…and unsubscribe to the now irrelevant websites.

I find myself asking Why?  “Why don’t you just unsubscribe?”  Will I miss something relevant and life changing?  On the contrary…I will be freeing up precious moments that would be better spent participating in life, rather than beating myself up about unsubscribing to an email notification, update, blog linky party, pinterest pin update or Facebook notification that in the big picture of life will not amount to a hill of beans difference.

I have read several blog postings lately where the blogger is doing the one thing that makes the most sense for them at this time. They are unsubscribing to the overwhelming numbers of blogs they have subscribed to over time. They are cleaning house…starting over…getting back to the reason they started blogging in the first place….to just write…chronicle their lives and the things that make life worth living. I admire their commitment and focus!

I have recently embarked on a little internet spring cleaning.  I am taking the bull by the horns and unsubscribing to all of those web pages that no longer serve a purpose in my life.  I have decided to “like” certain bloggers Facebook pages instead of following their blogs. There are a few other bloggers that it makes more sense to follow them via Pinterest instead of their blog postings.  This has cleared up half of the clutter filling my inbox.  I have also changed the WordPress notification on several blogs from immediately to weekly.  I feel like I have given myself some breathing room…which is much needed in my search for balance and peace of mind. 


This post is part of the Blogging Challenge: A to Z April Challenge.  This post is brought to you by the letter “U”!


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9 responses to “Need Balance? Unsubscribe!

  1. Love this, Jeanne! It’s so easy to get overwhelmed. I had to move all blog notifications out of my email, and sometimes that means I’m away from reading for a while, but it does help with the overwhelm. And yes – unsubscribe – I’ve been doing that too with emails I get from organizations that no longer are relevant to me! Powerful and opening up space! 🙂

  2. Oh my, I can’t believe how this hits home. Over the past week I realize I am overwhelmed, and getting “behind” in reading blog posts that I’ve signed up for. While I like reading them, and I love studying other’s photographs, and learn from them….I haven’t picked up a book or even a magazine in I don’t know how long. I’m also trying to move towards some retail on my photos that I haven’t spent enough time on. I spent last night half closing my eyes and hitting delete on past posts that I haven’t read yet. I’m glad to see others of like mind.

  3. When reading becomes a chore and isn’t enjoyable, then it is definitely time to cut back. Hope you reach balance!

  4. Very good post, Jeanne. I especially like your tip on choosing to follow some blogs on other social media networks instead.
    I now plan to start hitting the unsubscribe button this weekend. Although in addition to the websites and blogs that don’t resonate with me anymore, I might also stop following and commenting on blogs that don’t even bother to get back to mine, hehe. 😉

  5. I completely understand where you are coming from Jeanne, because I did some housekeeping on my blog last week, unsubscribing from some blogs that don’t hold my attention any more. Now I don’t feel as overwhelmed when I open my inbox and it has freed up my time to do other things and get back into real life!

  6. Yes, keep that margin available for your purpose.

  7. Good thinking, Jeanne! If I find myself pressing “Delete” too many times . . . I remind myself to press “Unsubscribe.”

    Will we miss reading something relevant . . . educational . . . enjoyable . . . inspirational . . . or just plain interesting?

    YES! We will . . . but we can never hope to read all the books, magazines, articles, blogs, and websites that interest us. We have to be picky. And choosy.

    Here’s to BALANCE!

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