Weekly Archive Photo Challenge: “S”…Springtime Show-Offs!

Springtime Show-Offs!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This post is part of the weekly archive photo challenge hosted by Flickr Comments by Frizztext. Check out Frizztext’s blog and leave a link to your archive photo challenge post. This weeks post begins with the letter “S”.


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13 responses to “Weekly Archive Photo Challenge: “S”…Springtime Show-Offs!

  1. Day lilies are also one of my favourites. Beautiful photos And entry

  2. pretty pretty flowers! 🙂

  3. thank you for your spring-time slide-show!

  4. The deep red of the amaryllis?? is gorgeous as are all the flowers. Thank you for putting this together.

  5. How beautiful. I don’t know some of them. Interesting.

  6. Flowers are beautiful. Brought joy to my heart this morning. 🙂

  7. Those are beautiful flowers! 🙂

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