Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Invaded by Herbivores!

We have new visitors to the herb garden…These little herbbies are my favorite kind…future Monarch butterfly’s!  The Monarch Butterfly became the Texas State insect in 1995.  The Monarch butterfly is unique among butterfly’s.  It is the only species of butterfly that does not hibernate, but migrates in changing seasons. The Monarch’s metamorphosis from egg to butterfly takes about a month. 


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6 responses to “Suncreek Garden Chronicles…Invaded by Herbivores!

  1. They are beautiful even before butterfly stage.

  2. We also have them here. Interesting to see them grow and change.

  3. Oooh I think this is one of the bugs I photographed. Will ahve to compare. It will be great if I can I dentify the little critter. Will he eat your veg?

  4. My brother’s SIL shared a picture of one in its chrysalis back in January. It had completely enveloped itself in less than a week’s time. From the picture we could make out the wings of a monarch butterfly…she has promised me a guest post and its story…sigh…I’m still waiting.

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