Writing Rules…

Writing Rules as found on Pinterest…

Sometimes you need to be reminded of the obvious.  Thanks for the reminder…Just Write!!!


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5 responses to “Writing Rules…

  1. I am getting there! Eng is not my mother tongue I need to keep doing and using it.

  2. Good rules :). I’m just rying to get to Pinterest – do you find it useful?

  3. Thanks – great reminders!

  4. Okay then…writing it is. Unfortunately I don’t have to be told twice. I could write all day…if I had nothing else to do. But it’s also true that we must take time out to live.

    Writing and living…two equally compelling things that tug at me all day long. When it’s a toss-up…I visit other blogs…and enjoy their writing…and their anecdotes about living.

    writing…and living…now that’s the life! 🙂

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