Lucy’s Light…A Mother’s Story

There are times in our life and the lives of our loved ones when we just can’t explain why things happen.  We often hear people ask…Why do bad things happen to good people?  Why do children get cancer? Why does a bus load of kids going off to church camp crash? 

The why’s are endless… I believe if we are willing to bear our souls, expose our heart and allow others to see that we  have survived a heart wrenching time in our life, they will know there is hope even in the darkest moments. 

This is my friend Monica.  She is my Sister in Christ and my co-worker…this is her story.  It may break your heart but it will also give you hope. I am sharing Lucy’s Light with you so you can share it with someone you know that needs to know there is light in the darkness.



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3 responses to “Lucy’s Light…A Mother’s Story

  1. Oh dear, that was so sad, but I’m glad Lucy went to full term so that the whole family got to meet her, and I admire Monica and her family for their positiveness shining through their tragedy.
    Thank you for sharing this very moving and touching video Jeanne, my thoughts and prayers are with Monica and her family.

  2. What an admirable and strong friend you have.

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