Furniture Friday…Certified Organic!

I purchased two chairs on the last day of an Estate Sale…The minute I saw them I knew what I would do with them. 

Then I hit a snag…finding the time to do a seemingly simple project.

My biggest dilemma  was whether or not to paint the chairs…painting a chair is not as easy as it sounds…there are nooks, crannies, spindles and carved legs to deal with…and truth be told my attention span is more suited to painting a box.

This morning I made the decision to move forward with the project…no paint, just recover the seat cushions. 

Here it is an hour later and the project is finished and I am drafting my blog and ready to link up to Miss Mustard Seeds Furniture Friday Blog…

I am really happy that I did not paint the chairs…they look great with the original finish and the certified organic burlap coffee bag seat cover.  New dilemma…keep them or take them to shop?


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9 responses to “Furniture Friday…Certified Organic!

  1. therandomsoflife

    They look great!!!!

  2. I love the burlap coffee bag seat covers!! So creative!!

  3. Dr. Carl

    How much do you want for the chairs?

  4. I’m so glad you didn’t paint them Jeanne – they look terrific just as they are, with their new covers!

  5. I’m also glad you didn’t paint them. I like the natural wood and the new seat covers are perfect!

  6. I think the covers look great. Tough call on whether to keep or sell, though!

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