Quotes From the Lunchroom…

Most of my friends have young school age children and their postings on Facebook keep my laughing out loud…Really!

Kids are hilarious…they say the darndest things!  What makes it so funny is they are usually quoting their parents…which if we heard the parents say these things we might not think it’s so cute.  In fact it might come across as just a little bit rude.

Late this afternoon I was wrapping up my work week…one of the last things I do each day is check my email and then post something to the Bookstore Facebook page.  As I logged onto Facebook I was met by a post from my very funny friend Sallee…she typically tells it like it is and she keeps me laughing out loud.  Today was no different… I immediately replied to her post and let her know she was going to my guest blogger by way of Facebook…

I hope you laugh out loud…I did!

WELL, HERE YOU GO FOLKS! Here is this year’s first installment of Quotes from the Lunchroom. Today’s quotes are brought to you by Kyle’s Kindergarten class.

1) My brother is a lot older. My mom said he was a mistake, but that God made her keep him anyway. (you sound disappointed.)
2) I can’t share my lunch with you because my mom said we are not feeding the whole neighborhood. (i don’t want your stupid lunchable anyway.)
3) My dad is not that big. He doesn’t have a lot of muscles or anything. But my mom says he has a big mouth. (i see you favor your dad’s side)
4) I have to walk home today because there are too many idiots in carpool. (agreed.)
5) You’re not that tall. Are you even big enough to drive? (i hate this kid.)
6) I’m never getting married because I don’t want to buy a lot of shoes.
7) My grandma said I need to eat a lot because no one kidnaps fat kids. (She’s got a point.)

I am looking forward to more Quotes from the Lunchroom with my friend Sallee…


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2 responses to “Quotes From the Lunchroom…

  1. … No on kidnaps fat kids! These are hilarious and stunningly honest .. Thanks for a great early morning chuckle.

  2. I know we have to watch what we say around the kiddos. They’ll repeat stuff at the worst possible times! Love the one about no one kidnapping fat kids. That is so bad 🙂

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