Nostalgic Foods…Moon Pies!

Moon Pies…I remember eating and enjoying my fair share of moon pies during my youth.  They were included in my sack lunch from time to time as well as enjoyed as an after school snack.  I remember them being as large as a full moon.  I remember sometimes they would be smashed but that did keep me from breaking them apart and gobbling them down with ease…of course there was always a carton or glass of milk on the side. 

Now, I have not eaten or even thought about a moon pie in more than 20 years…so why all of sudden is my mind filled with images of moon pies?  I haven’t seen a moon pie commercial or overheard a conversation discussing the culinary delights of the moon pie.  I haven’t watched a food network expose on the making of the Original Moon Pie.  So what gives?  Whatever it is…it doesn’t really matter.

Just know that the moon pie is still alive and kicking…the original moon pie is available in vanilla, banana and chocolate.  Although I only remember eating the chocolate ones! But you don’t have to settle for the Original Moon Pie…made months ago, shipped from hundreds if not thousands of miles away to sit on a grocery store shelf for who knows how long before you end up purchasing it on a whim only to discover the expiration date is just a couple of weeks away…

NO! Instead if you check out Pinterest you can find several recipes for a yummy homemade version of this nostalgic food…some folks are incredibly creative and I am quite sure that a number of the recipes would make a delightful version of the moon pie…

However, when I think of nostalgic foods…my taste buds will not be satisfied until I have had that which my mind remembers…In the end I may or may not enjoy it as much but I will have appeased my taste for the original…So I am going to give the well-traveled shelf sitter its due.


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2 responses to “Nostalgic Foods…Moon Pies!

  1. I had never experienced a Moon Pie till we lived in Texas and then .. wow! And why make one? If you’re going to have it, have the real deal (all processed & stuff).

    In Canada, we had a similar concoction but it was called a “Wagon Wheel.” Oh those summer days … that’s what this post takes me back to 🙂


  2. I have never had a moon pie. If it’s as good as you say, I think I’ll do myself a favor and keep it that way 🙂 (All I need is another junk food that I can’t live without!)

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