Pinterest Inspired…Williams Sonoma Aroma!

This post was inspired by a Pinterest pin…and the fact that fall has arrived!  We all have aroma association…there are people and places that we associate with certain aromas.  When I smell jergens lotion, I think of my Grandmother.  When I smell cooked cabbage I think of my Aunt Julia’s house.  So it is not so far fetched to associate Williams Sonoma with this aroma…Rosemary vanilla citrus!


Fill a pot with water
Add a few sprigs of fresh rosemary
Add 1 sliced lemon
Add 1 tblsp vanilla

I view recipes and directions much they same, they are merely a suggestion unless of course we are baking.  So use what you have and as much or as little as you like. 

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One response to “Pinterest Inspired…Williams Sonoma Aroma!

  1. I’ll bet the aroma is just heavenly!

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