Looking forward….

To decorating for the holidays! Where did you think I was going with that…not on your life.

I would like to share a few ideas that I am planning on scattering around the house this holiday season…first something to snack on…


Click here for the yummy recipe…

My husband picked up a couple of old bird-cages on the side of the road.  I plan to paint them black and I hope they turn half as nice as these, minus the black ravens of course.


Our guests will most likely be greeted by this guy…


Here is the inspiration for my mantle…except I don’t have a mantle but I do have a hearth so use your imagination…


I am also planning to wrap a few gifts…I really like this combination of textures and materials…


Then there is always time for Christmas Kiss and Photo…



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8 responses to “Looking forward….

  1. Your house will be very inviting. I love that gift wrapping idea. Nice change from the standard roll paper (or my lazy solution: gift bags.)

  2. Have fun with your decorating and gift wrapping, Jeanne.

  3. I am not much of a decorator so i really love to see things like this. Love the chalkboard idea!

  4. LOVE the snow man made out of “wreaths”. I might have to steal that idea. Your blog is filled with so many great ideas! I gave you a shout out today on my blog with a Liebster Award because I wanted you to know that I appreciate you. Thanks.

    • Hi Emily, How did you know that is just what I needed today…Life @ 50 + has a few surprises that are less than award worthy…and today I needed a little blog love. Thanks from the bottom of my little blog heart…I hope you and your family are enjoying the change in the seasons!

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