Vintage Christmas…My Obsession!

What goes around comes around and if you wait long enough what was once old will be new again…Once again I have been inspired by Pinterest! These are my newest obsessions…Vintage Christmas!

Santa Mugs

How about a few vintage Santa’s under glass…

bottle brush trees

A miniature forest of vintage bottle brush trees

vintage scale

A vintage scale with a wire basket filled with vintage Christmas ornaments….

green glass

And finally, vintage green milk glass and Santa mugs.

If you like these beauties…you can find more pins like them by visiting Kimberly Hart on Pinterest!

Merry Christmas from our vintage home to yours…


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6 responses to “Vintage Christmas…My Obsession!

  1. Wishing you happy vintage holidays!

  2. Oh I so loved this post, all of your pictures made me smile. Mom had a “bottle brush tree” that came out at Christmas – flocked in “snow” and mini presents, on the table it was just the right height for a child to ooh and aww in wonder. I recently bought one for my table, and it’s under glass. My grand-daughter oohed and awwed at it and I just grinned.

    Fun post 🙂

  3. The Santa mugs bring back so many pleasant holiday memories. We had a whole set of them, too, and Mom used to serve hot chocolate in them to my brother and I! I still have one of them that I proudly display every year! Thanks for sharing! (Love the vintage scale as well. Very cool!)

  4. I like the vintage look you shared. Reminds me that I need to start decorating 🙂

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