About Jeanne’s blog…A Nola Girl at Heart

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This blog is my story and its filled with random life events from a NOLA girl at heart living in Texas.   My head is filled with ideas about food, books, music, travel, gardening and buying and selling junk and photography.

I am still trying to decide what I want to do when I grow up. Currently my 9-5 is my dream job!  It keeps my head spinning. I am a book and gift buyer, volunteer organizer and ministry leader all rolled into one. I am Loving life…Living the dream…Reflection!

In my spare time I am a dealer at a local antique mall. Lucky for me they allow me to buy junk and sell antiques!  Check out my handi-work!

November 2012 231

My husband and I are best friends and we dream of one day retiring and running a B&B in the Texas Hill Country or the Colorado Mountains…

I think social media is the best invention since the Slinky…My world is a more colorful place because of it…I hope you will add your color to my world.

Jeanne, a nola girl at heart

This post was inspired by the crew at The Daily Post…The About Page 101: Making Them Care and The About Page 201: The Meat Grinder...Is it time to re-visit and revise your About page?

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4 responses to “About Jeanne’s blog…A Nola Girl at Heart

  1. That is a beautiful dream and best of all you have your husband to support you in getting those dreams.Wishing you and your family all the joys of the season.

  2. I’m intrigued by the photo. Is there a story?

  3. Hi Jeanne,
    Glad to read that your 9-5 remains a source of joy for you… 🙂 Sending you happy holiday hugs! {{{HUGS}}}

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