Too Many Tags…


Well, it’s that time of year when we all take time to reflect on the past year.  We look at our achievements and short comings. We assess our 401K’s and stock portfolios or at least whats left of them.  Some of us look at the goals we set at the beginning of the year and make new goals for the coming year.  And then some of us try to tweak our blog layouts while thinking about what the new blogging year might hold.

The one area I would like to get a better grip on is the tags I use on my blog posts.  I have been blogging for almost three years…and I have used over 1200 tags.

I think this must be way too many…I am wondering;

  • What is the best way to tag posts?
  • Have you written a post on tagging?
  • How many tags have you used on your blog?


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4 responses to “Too Many Tags…

  1. I have used 2,777 tags.

    I tag posts using words I might use to find posts ~ if it’s a recipe, I might tag it with food, recipe, vegetarian recipe, soup, onion soup, etc.

    I tend to use no more than one line of categories and one line of tags for each post since my are listed at the top of the article. I think the posts look better if they aren’t too congested up there.

  2. I’ve only used 654, but I’m likely not using them to their full potential.

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