NEX-5r E 18-55 mm F3.5-5.6 OSS…say what?


My family wasn’t big on taking pictures when I was growing up…Oh there are pictures from birthday parties and Christmas’ gone by…however no one in my family was a real shutter bug. Therefore a camera was never included on my Christmas wish list.

That is until I met my husband and his family. It was Christmas Eve the first time I met my husbands entire family…it seemed like everyone had a camera in there hand.  I remember his Mom and Grandmother were asking if anyone had extra film or batteries, and I was surprised how many of the family members were quick to fill the need.   This was and still is a picture-taking bunch…When I met my husband he owned a Minolta Maximum 7000 w/ a  210 mm zoom and he always had it with him.  I learned very quickly that he called my name I better put a smile on and strike a pose…our son learned the same thing at an early age.  To this day if you call his name he will look up and almost immediately there is a big smile on his face.

Now 23 years later I have been through 3 cameras of my own.  All three were Sony “sure/cyber shots”…these cameras helped me learn the basics of photography.  Photography became a big part of my blog and I fell in love with telling a story through the lens of the camera.

For the past year and half I have jumped from my iPhone camera to an Olympus C50 digital, to my husbands Canon EOS Rebel EX w/ 18-200 zoom.  I really love taking pictures with my husbands camera.  However, it’s not always available when a photo opportunity presents itself.

So when I decided to ask for a camera for Christmas, I asked for a camera that was somewhere between the Olympus and the Canon…and so Santa brought me a Sony NEX-5r  E 18-55 mm F3.5-5.6 OSS.  I don’t really understand what all of that means, but I do plan to figure it out.

So here is a picture of my new fancy camera taken with my iPhone 5 camera….old habits die-hard!

photo (28)


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4 responses to “NEX-5r E 18-55 mm F3.5-5.6 OSS…say what?

  1. Danny

    I love that color select part of the camera functions…have fun with it.

  2. ooo–does it have a stabilizer? That’s next on my wish list. 🙂

    • Georgette, I had to google that one….LOL! I will have to check into that and see if one is available for this model…This camera has so many functions downloaded the handbook to my desktop for easy access…and I will be looking to see if they have an app for my phone for easy access. Happy New Year!

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