Word of the Week Photo Challenge: Glitter

All is a glitter on the New Years Eve Buffet…Spending the evening with The Hubs and The Girls…Happy New Year!

New Years Buffet






All pictures taken with my new Sony NEX 5R…I am loving this camera!


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19 responses to “Word of the Week Photo Challenge: Glitter

  1. I see you are starting to learn to use it! These are terrific photos, a fabulous start!

  2. Reblogged this on A Word in Your Ear and commented:
    A gilttery new year from Jeanne in response to the A WORD A WEEK CHALENGE GLITTER

  3. Nice eye…love the photos.

    • Thanks, I was really pleased with the way the buffet turned out…the challenge gave me the opportunity to capture it and share it. Thanks for stopping by…

  4. So, so pretty and sparkly! Hope you had a lovely New Year.

  5. This looks really wonderful! Great photos, Jeanne. Happy New Year to you.

  6. what a lovely setting… and those cupcakes..yumm

  7. I wouldn’t mind delight myself on that buffet – but it’s too beautiful to touch – you and your camera is a great team. Thanks for the glitter .. and the bling, can’t get enough of it.

  8. Thanks for stopping by. Fabulous, festive photos.

  9. Tasty looking desserts. You always had a good eye Jeanne! 😉

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