Winter Pins!

All things wintry…all things Pinterest!  Snuggle up and Enjoy!

These are pictures that tug on my heart.  I would love to have the opportunity to capture photographs such as these with my camera but alas… I live in Southeast Texas near the coast…So I live vicariously through these photographs!

If you know anything about Pinterest you know you could spend hours trying to track back to the person who actually took the photos…I do not have this kind of time therefore my disclaimer. I did not take these photos.   A huge thank you to those who did.  If you are the photographer who was so lucky as to capture on of my favorite wintry pics please leave your info in the comment section and will see that you get the “props” you deserve.


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7 responses to “Winter Pins!

  1. a common theme — red AND white 🙂 MJ

  2. I love the little hit of red amongst the natural white and bark tones!! This is a gorgeous series of photos.. it reminds me of my mountains:D xx

  3. Red on white is so striking. The pug cracks me up…I could use some of that hot cocoa…

  4. The photos you chose have the same effect on me Jeanne; I live in the sub tropics of Oz and never see snow or anything as cold! These are gorgeous and very cooling to look at.

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