A Spring Day via Pinterest…

Groundhog Day is just around the corner, February 2nd.  I am almost positive that Phil will see his shadow and we are in for an additional 6 weeks of winter.

Whether Phil sees his shadow or not I am already enjoying spring time on Pinterest.  Spring colors, recipes and crafts are sprinkled across the pages…

This is one of the ways I would love to spend a spring day...

Spring outfit

Wearing a new spring outfit..from Anthropologie

Spring Lipstick.

Picking out a new lipstick..Mac Twig

Spring Peonies

Bringing home a bouquet of plump blush  peonies…

Spring Strawberry Lemonade

Making a pitcher of homemade strawberry lemonade…made with fresh strawberries, lemons and honey.

Spring Strawberry and Lemonade Layer Cake

And then making a delicious strawberry and lemonade layer cake…

Spring Balloons

And finally walking around with balloons…just because they make me happy!

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  1. nice. We have until 1st of May before we thaw out 😦

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