It’s “False” Spring and The Trees are Alive…

Today looks and feels like Spring.  The clover covers the lawn, the trees are beginning to bud, the temperature is in the upper 70’s and the trees are alive with activity.  This is known as the False Spring.

I decided to take advantage of the pleasant false spring weather and pull a few things out of storage that need a fresh coat of paint.  I pulled out way more than I will get to today. But it was necessary to get to the one thing I wanted to start with…

I grabbed a drop cloth and set up my work table out in the yard.  I donned my gloves and prepped my piece.  I began the process of changing a roadside find into a tabletop treasure…

The longer I was outside the loader the cacophony of bird chatter was that filled the air…Eventually I abandoned my paint brush and picked up my camera in an attempt to capture the avian activity that filled the trees...I think maybe my winged visitors were agitated because of the piece I was working on…A rather larger birdcage!

More on the roadside trash to treasure in the coming days…



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One response to “It’s “False” Spring and The Trees are Alive…

  1. False Spring – that’s about right. We had several days of that, but it’s rainy now (love it!)

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