February Photo a Day Challenge: Fork

So many forks so little time…that’s my motto!  I absolutely love eating out!  Finding a great restaurant where the locals hang out that offers a creative menu using local ingredients off the beaten path is my kind of place.


In the movie Pretty Woman Vivian receives a lesson on fork etiquette from Barney the hotel manager,  shrimp, salad, dinner fork…something about how many tines there are…Here is my take on the fork, the smaller the plate, the smaller the fork...Now that makes sense to me!


Have you ever come to a fork in the road?  Many times in life staying on the path we are on is no longer an option.   Life presents us with a choice…which way to go, what to choose, left or right?   If you have been to a theme park you may have noticed that people naturally take the path to the right, therefore creating a traffic jam of people…Sometimes the road less traveled is by far the better route.  Next time you visit a fair, theme park or flea market take the path to the left.  All forks in the road lead somewhere…consider all options and choose carefully!


Someone who speaks with a forked tongue deliberately says one thing and means another. They are considered hypocritical and are not worthy of trust.  What’s the old saying…”Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”  Wouldn’t it be nice if  a person who spoke with a forked tongue actually had a forked tongue? Maybe not… Now that I really think about all of the people who do “speak with a forked tongue” life would take on the look and feel of a horror movie.  On second thought no forked tongues…


A Tree filled with forks is a good thing.  A forked trunk and forked branches make for a beautiful canopy that provides a shaded area where you can relax, entertain or even get married.

There you have it my take on the February Photo a Day Challenge 2012: Fork!

You can check out FatMumSlim for all of the details for the photo challenge.  If you are not up to posting a photo a day feel free to use these as prompts for postings of your own.  If you should choose to use one of these prompts include a tag for February Photo a Day 2013 so we can check out your postings.


2. Pattern: Look around and see where you can find pattern in your day. Is it in something you’re wearing? In a rug you come across in your travels? On some wallpaper, a book or something else?
3. Something beginning with ‘E’: Take a photo of something beginning with the letter E.
4. Hope: Oh, a hard one. How would you photograph hope? Is it something you wish for? Someone who gives you hope? A quote that brings hope to your life?
5. Something you smelled: What’s something you came across today that smelled {or smelt depending on where you live}. Take a photo of it.
6. Soft: Take a photo of something deliciously soft.
7. Your name: This is a fun way to get to know each other. Perhaps you could take a photo of a name badge you use for work {or even an old one}, your name on an award you received, or perhaps you can scribble down your name on paper and show us that way?

The rest of the prompts can be found here


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3 responses to “February Photo a Day Challenge: Fork

  1. “the smaller the plate, the smaller the fork” makes sense to me, too! This grandma could use this as she instructs the next generation. Thanks.
    PS We had a beautiful forked oak that shaded our house. Alas, we were the last to enjoy it. It came into decline and we had to have it taken out. I miss that tree– sniff.

    • I know how you feel about the tree…After each passing storm I scan the landscape with hesitation hoping and praying that I will not find one of our century old oaks has lost its battle with the wind.

  2. A wonderful interpretation for fork. More than just the eating utensil 🙂

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