Hats and Hat Boxes!!!

Another Word a Week Challenge from
A Word in Your Ear...Hats!  This is my hat and hat box collection...I found the vintage hats at an Estate Sale.  I picked up the Cowgirl hat at the county fair.  The fedoras are from a millinery in New Orleans…The baseball cap is from Heart Rock Ranch…


Western Hats in The General Store in Luckenbach, Texas…

November 2012 161

One of the many Men’s hat stores in New Orleans…

iphone backup 011

Nolagirl working in the garden and workin’ the HaT!

good day in the garden 013


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7 responses to “Hats and Hat Boxes!!!

  1. That’s the perfect hat for gardening! I have a wide-brimmed cotton hat (with a chin strap that comes in handy on windy days) that I wear hiking.

  2. Dang . . . you look FINE in that hat. 😀

  3. I love vintage hat boxes! I’ve a collection as well. As for the hats…well I think you look better in yours than I do in mine. It’s all in the bone structure…of the face, I mean. So I agree with Nancy…you look mighty fine, my friend… 🙂

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