When you first hear the word “cloudy” you may immediately think of a dreary rainy overcast day…but sometimes a cloudy day can be breathtaking….and this was one of those times!



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13 responses to “Cloudy…

  1. I just love clouds – these are beautiful!

  2. barb19

    Wow – that’s surreal – it looks like you could reach up and touch the clouds! Amazing picture!

    • Barb, My drive home from work normally takes 22 minutes…that day it took well over an hour. The pictures just kept getting better as the sun set. That one was taken at the entrance to our neighborhood.

      • barb19

        Well, it was worth taking the time to see that kind of beauty – it takes your breath away.

  3. Gorgeous photo! Partly-cloudy sunsets are always the most dramatic!

  4. You are totally right and those are some pretty awesome clouds! Too bad the ones in Germany at the moment are the ugly, grey kind! haha
    Beautiful photo!!

  5. john tugano

    very serene surrounding it speaks so much of peace..Nice take on this..happy to be here on your blog again after a long time jeanne..

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