A Festival of Trees

Keeping up with my promise to reblog a Christmas post every day this month, here is a beautiful festival of lights that arounddustyroads stumbled upon. Merry Christmas!


I have a feeling this is only the first of many “Festival of Trees”. I was looking for lighting displays and when the list came up there were festivals of trees everywhere.

Easton Festival of Trees 001 copy

How did I end up at the Easton Garden Club’s “Festival of Trees”? A friend of mine asked me to take pictures of her two children for the annual Christmas Card.  It took some juggling because between the kids school schedule, my friend’s work schedule and my work schedule there didn’t seem to be anytime to get together. The challenge was complicated by needing a holiday background. They didn’t have their tree up yet. Finally we adults decided to take the kids to see the Festival of Trees. It was close to their home and we figured there must be something there to use as a background. A couple of shots in front of a tree and the…

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