2014 52 Week Photo Challenge…4/52: Color

Finding color in the dead of winter can be a challenge…you have to be intentional when looking for color in and amongst the greys and browns that make up the winter landscape.  Winter in South Texas is usually fairly mild and we have a good amount of green to balance out the browns…that is until the polar vortex came barreling into town…only time will tell how much of the landscaping won’t recover.

This past week I attended a funeral.  As I sat with my friends and co-workers at the back of the church I was treated to a wonderful display of color as the sun hit the stained glass windows…I couldn’t help but gaze up at the windows as I listened to the Priest speak of heaven and angels…and a life ever lasting.  I can only imagine that these colors, as brilliant as they were that morning, will pale in comparison to heaven itself…

stainedglass 1



Just for the record, I waited until the service was over and everyone had left the sanctuary before I quickly snapped these shots…


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2 responses to “2014 52 Week Photo Challenge…4/52: Color

  1. I had to laugh at your note about taking the photos. Yes, that would’ve been a bit awkward to snap photos during a service!

    Color… that is a challenge. I’ll have to see what I encounter that fits 🙂

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