Smart Phone Stupid…

Let’s just say that personal computers became a household item well after I graduated and was married with a child.  My son on the other hand has had a computer at his fingertips since he was 2 years old.  He gets them, I don’t.  I use a computer everyday both professionally and personally.  I know my way around Microsoft office, email, social media and this blog.  However, when a problem rears its ugly head I am left bleary eyed and reaching for my bottle of extra strength Excedrin.

So when I received my first smart phone I embraced the touch screen technology…It seemed everything was at my fingertips and I was a fan!  Now I realize that the simplicity of my smart phone has left me feeling less than smart…

My smart phone has created a computer idiot.  I have gotten so comfortable with the incredible technology on my smart phone that I have no patience when it comes to dealing with a computer issue.  I don’t want to take the time to research, read and try to apply what I think I’ve read in an attempt to correct my perceived problem.  I think that things should just fix themselves by going to the “app store” and clicking “updates”.   This couldn’t have been more obvious than tonight when I was trying to help my sister with her new blog.

A few days ago, she created a WordPress blog and wrote her first post.  I followed her blog and you may have seen that I re-blogged her post and asked you to show here a little blog love.  Then it happened…the link to her blog post landed on her page and announced “this page is not found”.  NOT FOUND…how could that be?

I tried walking her through her settings, comparing them to the settings on my blog.  I logged in and took a look around.  Not really knowing what I was looking for but nothing looked out of the ordinary.  I wrote a post, saved it and published it to make sure things were working.  They were.

Now more than ever I feel challenged by my lack of computer knowledge… where is my phone?

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