Christmas in July…

With the temperatures in the 90’s I couldn’t help but think about Christmas…Sounds crazy, right?   What better way to escape the repressing heat than to daydream about crystal icicles, frosted snowflakes, shiny orbs, sparkling beads and glittery pine cones.



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5 responses to “Christmas in July…

  1. I guess it’s one way – does it work? 😉
    Just as a matter of interest, here in Oz, Christmas is often celebrated in July – the main reason being July is the middle of our winter; December is the height of our summer and the last thing you feel like is a hot Christmas meal with all the trimmings, in the heat of the day!

  2. That’s beautiful, but oh, I’m not ready to think about Christmas, yet! It’s such a busy time of year (as if summer with the kids home from school isn’t 🙂 )

  3. It’s always the season to enjoy Christmas trimmings. I have a friend who keeps her two artificial trees decorated all the year around because she loves to look at the lights. Why not?

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