Busy…the new four letter word!

Lately, when asked how am I doing? My response has been a four letter word…Busy!

Sometimes life just takes over…and busyness begets busyness.  I like being busy! Being busy at work makes the day go by faster. Keeping my hands busy keeps me from snacking.  Reading a good book quiets my mind and helps me to forget about what I should be busy doing. I do not enjoy being busy for the sake of being busy...However, sometimes busyness takes over and takes on a life of its own.

When given an option I would choose a quite evening spent with my best friend, my husband, in front of our outdoor fireplace.  I would choose a slower paced drive across the country over rushing through an airport to catch a flight.  I would choose relaxing in a hammock under the oak trees over a crowded street fair.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy street fairs or traveling via the friendly skies. It’s just that life is busy enough all on its own…the daily grind of being plugged in and connected 24/7 promotes busyness.  That comment alone could get me on my soap box for hours…but that would just add busyness to my day.

When I started writing I felt compelled to write every day for the sake of writing. I put unnecessary pressure on myself.  Then when I couldn’t keep up the pace I felt guilty.  My love of writing became a chore of busyness.  It lost its shiny new luster, all because of the need to be busy about the business of writing.

I have friends that are so busy running their kids from one activity to the next, arranging after school activities and summer camp programs that they need a personal assistant to keep the calendars organized. I have friends who have traded their busy work life for a busier retired life.

I wonder if being about the business of being busy is really worth the toll it takes on our health and well-being. I wonder what effect it has on our relationships.  I guess that would depend on who you ask…

At some point you come to a time and place in your life where quality becomes more important than quantity.  Can you have both? I am sure some people can and do and their life is full and complete.  I am not one of those individuals…I prefer smaller more intimate settings, dinner parties of 12 or less, lunch ordered from a menu not from a buffet line, food eaten on a real plate and my drink in a real glass, not out of a paper sack or in a foam container.

When did busy become a four letter word?


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2 responses to “Busy…the new four letter word!

  1. Life does seem overly busy sometimes. I, too, prefer the quiet times over the rushing, but sometimes, the rushing can’t be avoided, so all I can do is keep up as best I can!

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