25 days of Christmas…home tour (day 8)

Day 8…of my Christmas Home Tour almost slipped by me. I’ ve been putting the empty storage boxes back in the attic, helping Chef Danny with dinner and wrappimg presents. Not to mention trying to choose a health care plan for the employees of our small business.


When I finally sat down to relax and watch one of those sappy predictable Christmas movies that I am addicted to, I was
faced with my undecorated fireplace. So I decided to tackle the project and share it with you.

The fireplace is always a challenge to decorate. As I am sure you noticed there isn’t a mantle. I wanted a 8″ cedar beam for my mantle. But thats another store for another day.

Back to decorating the fireplace…
I began by adding the lighted birch twig garland. Then I attempted to hang the matching wreath with a command hook. I quickly discovered these hooks dont work very well on limestone.


Next I started adding layers, the lanterns and candlesticks are from Tuesday Morning. The lighted birch twig garland and wreath are from Target. The winter swan is a vintage barn find…finally a little snow fluff, candles, Christmas pouporri and bows.
I have to say Im not especially crazy about the overall look. I really want to hang the wreath and maybe add a couple of pillows for softness and it absolutely needs some color.
Wishing you a warm hearth this Christmas season.

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