25 days of Christmas…Home Tour (day 12 &13)

Thanks for stopping by the 25 days of Christmas home tour...we are half way through the month and I wish I could stop the clock…As much as I enjoy all of the planning, decorating and shopping for the big day, there never seems to be enough time to just stop and enjoy the season.


Then on top of all of the making of Christmas you still have to make time for all of the everyday things; grocery shopping, laundry, hair cuts, dog grooming and doctors visits. And on top of it all a little out patient procedure that requires a minimum of 3 days for recovery…who’s got time for that, I ask you…obviously I do.

This weekend started off with a bang…I received an email from GMA…yes Good Morning America. The producer of the segment “There is a Hack for that”…asked if I would be interested in submitting a video demonstrating my hack for the re-purposed pumpkin snowmen I posted on my blog.  Timing couldn’t have been worse, the aforementioned outpatient procedure and an extremely busy schedule left me no choice but to decline the request to submit a video submission for the show segment.  I am still kicking myself at missing out on a dream come true opportunity; New York in December, GMA and of course a minute in the spotlight.  C’est la vie…life goes on.

20151213_153048.jpgFinally, it doesn’t take a lot of money to add a little color and sparkle to your holiday decorations. I purchased this tube of plastic ornaments from the big box store, replaced the paper plates in this two tiered metal basket with the colorful ornaments and stacked up my Christmas dishes next to the display.  All it takes is a little creative thinking…


Here’s wishing you a colorful Christmas Season.

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