10…10…10…Day 2

My business coach has challenged me to mix up my morning routine.

I have a morning routine! Why do I need a new one? Apparently a more focused routine will result in a more productive day. I for one, a busy small business owner crave a more productive day.

It’s not that am not busy or that I don’t accomplish things throughout the day because I do! It’s more that I feel I am bouncing from one thing to the next. Instead of feeling a sense of acomplishmentat the end of the day I”m exhausted emotionally and physically.

The challenge is to avoid social media first thing in the morning because we all know what a rabbit hole that can be.

The rest of the challenge consists of 10 minutes reading. 10 minutes journaling and 10 minutes of meditation or quiet time.

The hardest part of a new routine isn’t embracing new ways but letting go of the old ways.

Todays meditation was …oops my 10 minutes is up. Time to move on.

The desk of a squirrel brain biz owner…

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