10…10…10…Day 6

Plants vs Weeds

I love a beautiful garden. One that is filled with plants, herbs, flowers and trees. I do not care for the pesky weeds that grow in the garden…Gardens need constant cate.

Our mind is much like a garden…it is filled with flowers and weeds. Flowers are the positive life affirming thoughts that result in beautiful caring actions.

Weeds on the otherhand are the negative thoughts that create self doubt, envy and unhappiness.

We can plant a beautiful garden in our mind. We can grow joy, love, self worth, empathy and kindness. But just like in our real garden we must be watchful for the weeds that will pop up. When you feel a weed taking root…acknowledge it, face it, consider the root of it and remove it before it takes over and suffocates the flowers.

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