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I love capturing a moment in time, the color, the depth, the tiniest of details for future enjoyment and interpretation.

Great Relationships Don’t Just Happen…

My husband and I celebrated our 23 wedding anniversary this year.  We are a happily married couple…we enjoy spending time with one another and away from one another. 

We are committed to our relationship, our family and one another.  Through the years there have been cloudy days and thorn bushes but we have stayed the course and now we are enjoying sunshine and roses.

Great relationships don’t just happen…they require time and attention much like a well-attended garden.  An unattended garden develops weeds that can ultimately kill even the heartiest plants. 

Treat your marriage like the prized garden that it is…pull the weeds as they pop up, check for creepy crawlers that can cause irritations, fertilize the roots and water regularly.  The quality time you spend tending your garden will result in a beautiful display of love and commitment.


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Serve…it matters!

 The human foot and ankle is a strong and complex mechanical structure containing more than 26 bones, 33 joints (20 of which are actively articulated), and more than a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments. 

These feet bear my weight and allow me movement.  These feet served God by uniting with others so we could make a difference in one persons life.  These feet allowed me to serve and that’s all that matters!

Thought for the Day:  Be the hands and feet of Christ.  Serve!

Scripture Verse:  1Peter 4:10 “God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.”

Quote of the Day:  “The purpose of life is not to be happy – but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all.” ~Leo Rosten

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Today’s photo prompt is BIG! This is a really BIG building being moved from where it was built to its new home site, less than a 1/4 mile…It took about 24 hours using remote controlled transports.


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On the Floor…#photoadayjuly

At first glance todays photo prompt sounded like a piece of cake…As I scanned the floor for something to feature on todays #photoadayjuly feature I surprised to find that my floors lacked inspiration…there were a pair of my son’s shoes, my husbands camera bag, our dogs and lots of dust.  There were other less interesting things on the floor…there were rugs, towels, blankets, magazines, dog beds and dog bowls and my feet.  After looking around the house for something to share and snapping and deleting several pictures, I decided on this one…


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Best Part…#photoadayjuly

The #photoadayjuly prompt for July 3rd was “the best part of your day”. I could have chosen any number of things for this prompt; my morning cup of coffee, pulling into our tree lined driveway, being met at the door by two very excited puppies or watching my husband cook dinner. However, the favorite part of my day was when I checked my calendar and discovered…


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Fat Mum Slim is hosting a photo a day challenge for July…get on the train…but…Never…never…ever…go to the DMV office @ 1pm on a Friday…trust me!!! It’s day 2 of the challenge…and it’s Busy!

Here is the list of the daily prompts…jump in and join the fun! Be sure to tag your photos with #photoadayjuly so we can drop in and see whats happening in your life.

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Self Portrait…#photoadayjuly

Fat Mum Slim is hosting a picture a day challenge for the month of July…This could be just the thing I need to keep me focused through the heat of the summer.

Today is July 1st and our daily challenge is Self Portrait…


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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge…Unfocused

Unfocused….Not seeing clearly, or not giving a clear image, faint, invisible, subtle, blurred, faintly, unseen, fuzzy, undetected.  Without a clear purpose, aim, or direction, unstructured, haphazard, chaotic, undisciplined, disorganized, unplanned, hasty.


Ecclesiastes 6:9 “Better is the sight of the eyes (the enjoyment of what is available to one) than the cravings of wandering desire.  This is also vanity (emptiness, falsity, and futility) and a striving after the wind and a feeding on it!



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Gone Fishin’

I think it’s time to do a little fishin’…fishin’ for fun…fishin’ for fantastic photos…fishin’ for food…fishin’ for fuel for the creative senses…and fishin’ for some R&R! 



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The weather has been absolutely beautiful.  The air has been clear and cool.  The sky has been a sea of endless blue.  It has been the perfect weather for relaxing in a hammock.  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend this past Sun…day afternoon!  How did you spend your Sun…day?


This post is part of two weekly challenges…The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge…Sun as well as the Blogging Challenge: A to Z April Challenge.


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