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Gone Fishin’

I think it’s time to do a little fishin’…fishin’ for fun…fishin’ for fantastic photos…fishin’ for food…fishin’ for fuel for the creative senses…and fishin’ for some R&R! 



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Levon Helm(1940-2012)…the weight of this life has been lifted…the heavenly choir has gained a deeply soulful voice. 

In addition to his work as musician, Helm also acted in several dramatic films after the breakup of The Band. His first acting role was the 1980 film Coal Miner’s Daughter in which he portrayed Loretta Lynn‘s father.

 Filmography(info provided by wikipedia)


This post is part of the Blogging Challenge: A to Z April Challenge.  This post is brought to you by the letter “R”.


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Music Moves Me: Free…and It’s My Free Friday!

Friday is my only day off…it’s my Free day!  I am free to do what ever moves me…


Someday’s I stay home, enjoying the quietness of my surroundings…other days I am all over the place.  I go….and do… as much as I can…only to collapse at the end of my one and only Free day of the week…Friday!

I am always looking for interesting things to do on my only day off…and now that Spring is here I am ready to get outside and breathe all of the free air.  I am compiling my list of Friday outings; the urban market, the zoo, the beach, a winery tour, the arboretum and a ferry ride across the bay.

What sort of things do you do on your free day?

Things people say: It’s Friday!

Things self-employed people say: It’s Friday?


This post is part of the Blogging Challenge: A to Z April Challenge…this is the letter “F”!


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Music Moves Me…Free To Be Me

Music Moves Me…Free To Be Me! 

I enjoy all kinds of music.  I especially like upbeat,  get my feet moving, put a smile on my face, get a little perspective kind of music.  This is today’s pick!!!


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Music Moves Me…but, Who is Martin Sexton?

Music Moves Me…but, Who is Martin Sexton?

We were invited to tag along to the House of Blues to listen to an acoustic guitarist who I had never heard of.

As it turns out this guy has quite a following. The crowd spanned a wide age group. Most everyone knew all the words to his songs. They were screaming out requests for their favorite songs. He isn’t a new artist by any stretch of the imagination. He has at least 8 CD’s to his credit. He is not a cover  artist.  Also, he is one of John Mayer’s favorite artists.  Where did this guy come from?  Who is Martin Sexton?

Before last night I had never heard of Martin Sexton…If you have checked out my other Music Moves Me posts you will see there is a trend.  I like guitarists and duets because their music moves me!

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Music Moves Me…Etta James

Music Moves Me…Etta James “Something’s Got a Hold On Me”

The legendary Etta James died today, January 20th, 2012 in California of Leukemia.

Today the Music World lost a pioneer whose singing style spanned a variety of music genres.  The first song I remember hearing her sing was “At Last”.  It has been one of my favorites for years.  But “Somethings Got a Hold on Me” is a close runner-up.   Her voice is and will remain unmistakable. 


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Music Moves Me…When Love Comes to Town

In keeping with my love of duets…today’s offering is BB King and U2 from 1989 Lovetown Tour in Australia.  It’s hard to believe its been 22 years…Time goes by in a blink of the eye, don’t blink or 2012 will pass just as quickly.  Make the most of everyday…slow down and listen to the music.


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Music Moves Me…Little Drummer Boy (Bing & David)

I have noticed something about my musical prefrences…I like duets.  I especially like it when artists from different genres combine their talents and create a whole new musical experience.  This may be one of the first duets of this type that I remember from my childhood.  I hope you enjoy it!

Bt the way, is it just me or do David and Bing look like they could be a couple of Santa’s elves?


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Music moves Me…Run Run Rudolph

Run Run Rudolph…Cheryl Crow and Brad Paisley


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Monster Mash..they did the monster mash

Halloween 2011

Have you ever done the Monster Mash?  I know a couple of people who really “kill it” when it comes to decorating for Halloween!

My Sister and Bro-n-law are the ultimate Halloweeners.  Can I say that?  Well, I just did.  They begin decorating for their annual Halloween bash in July.  The entire house is transformed into a very spooky place.  I visited them several weeks before the big day and I was…well let’s just say…not going inside her house by myself.  They do an amazing job!  They pour out their creativity into every nook and cranny.  Every year it gets bigger and spookier…they really should charge admission.

You tell me…Creative? Yes!  Scary? Absolutely!!  Worth Admission?  You betcha!!!

Halloween 2011 Zombie Graveyard

This video is not at her house, she just shared it with us several years ago and it is one of my husbands favorite videos to watch around this time of year.  It makes me laugh and then I do the monster mash


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