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Wordless Wednesday…New


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May 21, 2014 · 9:41 pm

One To A Customer…

This bright new day…complete with 24 hours of opportunities, choices and attitudes a perfectly matched set of 1440 minutes.  This unique gift, this one day, cannot be exchanged, replaced or refunded.  Handle with care.  Make the most of it. There is only ONE TO A CUSTOMER.



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Smart Phone Stupid…

Let’s just say that personal computers became a household item well after I graduated and was married with a child.  My son on the other hand has had a computer at his fingertips since he was 2 years old.  He gets them, I don’t.  I use a computer everyday both professionally and personally.  I know my way around Microsoft office, email, social media and this blog.  However, when a problem rears its ugly head I am left bleary eyed and reaching for my bottle of extra strength Excedrin.

So when I received my first smart phone I embraced the touch screen technology…It seemed everything was at my fingertips and I was a fan!  Now I realize that the simplicity of my smart phone has left me feeling less than smart…

My smart phone has created a computer idiot.  I have gotten so comfortable with the incredible technology on my smart phone that I have no patience when it comes to dealing with a computer issue.  I don’t want to take the time to research, read and try to apply what I think I’ve read in an attempt to correct my perceived problem.  I think that things should just fix themselves by going to the “app store” and clicking “updates”.   This couldn’t have been more obvious than tonight when I was trying to help my sister with her new blog.

A few days ago, she created a WordPress blog and wrote her first post.  I followed her blog and you may have seen that I re-blogged her post and asked you to show here a little blog love.  Then it happened…the link to her blog post landed on her page and announced “this page is not found”.  NOT FOUND…how could that be?

I tried walking her through her settings, comparing them to the settings on my blog.  I logged in and took a look around.  Not really knowing what I was looking for but nothing looked out of the ordinary.  I wrote a post, saved it and published it to make sure things were working.  They were.

Now more than ever I feel challenged by my lack of computer knowledge… where is my phone?

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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November 28, 2013 · 8:50 am

Have you seen the Ostrich Pillow?

At first glance the Ostrich Pillow is a bizarre attention getter…At second glance it looks like you are wearing an over-sized protective headgear…But then you look a little longer and it begins to grow on you…and after you gain control of the rolling on the floor laughter…you begin thinking this looks like a pretty good idea.  They have come up with a guaranteed zen-like state for catching a power nap any where any time…On a long flight, in a crowded airport, at your desk, if you work shift work and need to sleep when the rest of the world is moving at warp speed.  I am even thinking this could be the perfect place to crawl into when dealing with a migraine headache…I wonder if I can get my Doctor to write me a prescription for one…I imagine this would even drowned out the neighbors barking dog! The Ostrich Pillow…a cozy cocoon for your head and hands…Now where can I get one of these in my size?


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Embracing Change…and a new blog layout!

Here in Southeast Texas Spring is in the air …some would call it early spring or false spring…none the less, it feels like spring.  The Low temperatures are in the mid 50’s and the High temps are in the 70’s.  The birds are flocking in from wintering in Mexico.  The wild dandelions, clover, azalea, thyme, parsley and mint are the first to arrive in the flowerbeds.  The vegetable garden has been tilled and made ready for the first planting of the year.  All of the brightly colored Christmas decorations have been replaced by a softer palette of pinks and greens…Even the air has changed, its smells fresh and clean!  Change is inevitable…


Some people I know have a hard time with change.  They are more comfortable with the status quo…I am cut from a different cloth.  I embrace change.  I look forward to the changing seasons and discovering new things. I like to mix things up from time to time….That is why my blog looks different today.  Change is a good thing…

March marks my 3 year blogging anniversary…I have changed my blog layout each year.  Changing the look of my blog is part of who I am as a blogger.  Change is an essential part of what I do for a living… I am always looking for ways to make changes that keep people engaged.  When things stay the same for too long they become comfortable and things seem to fade into the background.  Change is gonna come…


For instance, while visiting my parents, my sister and I, rearranged their living room.  We moved the furniture, changed  out the accent pillows and the wall hangings.  The room took on a much warmer and inviting feel…After the re-do…My parents had my Aunt and Uncle over for dinner and they commented on the “new” display cabinet…It had been in that room for 5 years…Change can improve your outlook…

I have been searching for my new blog layout…I love the look of  le zoe musings, Channeling Contessa,  and Just a Smidgen’s blogs…charming, comfortable, inviting…All the things that people say about my home when they visit…so why not incorporate that into my blog..A blog is a reflection of who we are or who we aspire to be…The blogs I mentioned all have custom designed layouts, at least from what I can tell.  However, because I like change and more than likely this won’t be the last time I change my layout I would rather use a free one from WordPress.  Embrace Change…


I have chosen the free WordPress layout “Pilcrow”.  The layout is similar to the ones I mentioned and that I find most inviting…and it looks really good over at Meg Writes.


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